Kinomorphia Film Festival

Kinomorphia aims to find and bring together films, which question the structural integrity of the genres and push the boundaries of the form.

We believe that most festivals’ practice of single annual screenings does not reflect the dynamics of today’s film world. This is why Kinomorphia will organize screenings of selected films once every month. The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the audience, during which they will choose a favorite. At the end of the year, Kinomorphia will organize one grand screening with the best films selected over the year.

The screenings will take place in Kulture Knot: an underground art space in Sofia, which quickly established itself as the principal spots in the city for people, looking to see and discuss different and alternative films.

You can send your films regardless of the genre, form or year of completion. If your film is not a documentary it must be less than 40 minutes long to be considered. If your film is not in English, it should have embedded subtitles in English.